The Boat

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The Goombay is a 62’ 2009 Weaver owned by Terry Young, a very experienced fisherman and boat owner. You’ll have a comfortable trip to the bite in the spacious air conditioned/heated salon at a smooth 30+ knot cruise.


The Goombay is a great sea boat that is equipped with all the light and heavy tackle needed and the latest technology in electronics/navigation to put you on the fish.


About Terry Young


Terry, the son of a career Navy man, grew up around the water. His fishing started on piers, rivers and very small skiffs on the Chesapeake Bay. It was well known at his high school in Virginia that it was impossible to keep him in school when the spring shad run occurred on the James River.  It has been said that Terry and his two friends, Mark and Tommy, set the all time record for number of school days skipped in their high school district.
Terry's first real exposure to offshore fishing came when he and his best friend, Mike Quade, decided to take his 20' Sea Craft from an area of the Bay below Deltaville to Oregon Inlet. They left one afternoon and went to Lynhaven (Norfolk Va)---fished for Grey Trout on the 4th Island of the Bay Bridge-Tunnel and then spent the night sleeping on the deck of the Sea Craft. The next morning they set out on their trip to NC rounding Cape Henry with a compass, digital depth finder and a CB Radio. Stopping in Rudee Inlet to get gas they successfully arrived and docked at the Wanchese Marina. “We did not need an alarm clock the next day---sleeping on the deck the mosquitoes woke us up at 4am. This gave us plenty of time to be at the Bonner Bridge waiting to follow the charter boats offshore.”
Terry and Mike caught some real nice Dolphin that day---- a totally new experience---and from that moment on they were hooked on offshore fishing.
From the little piece of junk skiffs and that first 20' Sea Craft---Terry has owned a number of different boats. Grady-White, Bertram,  two Hatteras’, a 58' Ritchie Howell and his latest-----the 62’ Weaver.
Terry has fished the NC coast extensively from Morehead City to Hatteras to Oregon Inlet. He spent several winters fishing the Sailfish tournament circuit in South Florida. He has additional experience in the  Bahamas from Walkers Cay,  Chub, Cat Cay and Bimini. He has fished the North Drop of St Thomas, as well as Costa Rica and spent a fair amount of time in the Northern Keys of Florida.
Most recently he has been winter fishing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Three years ago Terry teamed up with Capt. Brian Peele. After 30 years at the helm of various boats---Terry returned to where he started---“The Pit” and is having a blast fishing with Capt. Brian and Mate Lucas Jolly.
“I had forgotten how much fun the pit can be ---it has rekindled my fishing spirit and love for the sport   Brian is so terrific on the helm---we make a great team.  I look forward many more adventures over the coming years with Capt. Brian and our new boat.”
“Come fish with us.  You will enjoy it” --- Terry